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Q: What type of projects do you do?


A: As a Custom Home Builder, Klondike is focused on building homes where no two are alike.  We build in a variety of prestige neighbourhoods and subdivisions where clients are able to select their lot, create custom floor plans and work with the Klondike team to hand select all the exterior and interior finishes. In addition, Klondike does infill-style re-builds where a client’s existing home is demolished and re-rebuilt and/or significantly renovated. Currently, Klondike is also working on a brand new multi-residential project in Ingersoll.  See the Current Communities pages to learn more. These are our more well-known services; however, if you have other projects outside of what is described here, please feel free to reach out via our Contact Us page to determine whether it is something we would be willing to pursue.

Q: How do you schedule your projects?
Is there a typical timeline you have for each project?


A: Each project is unique and therefore requires a unique timeline. Once we begin working with a client to establish the scope of their project, we can better determine what type of timeline will be required to complete it. Weather is always a factor to be considered as well.  Some projects may require a 3-4 month timeline, while others can take up to 2-years to complete.

Q: Who makes up the Klondike Team?


A: The Klondike team consists of a handful of project managers, drafters, designers, trusted suppliers and numerous skilled workers and trades.  The core Klondike team works with clients from start-to-finish, with the relevant and required suppliers and trades as well. Klondike prides themselves on working with the most skilled and professional of contractors.  Our projects and jobsites are home to a culture of respect, teamwork and professionalism.

Q: How does payment work?


A: As a baseline, payment structures will be provided to clients based on their respective project. The payment structure will outline all payment amounts and at which stages of the project they are due.

Q: What if I have a problem with my home down the road?


A: Klondike is always just a phone call away.  Klondike is a registered Tarion builder, and we are fully committed to standing behind our work.  Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the completion of the project to our after sales/construction service.