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"A little over a year ago we began our venture of building a custom home and decided to work with Klondike. We could not be happier that we chose them to build our dream house!
When you invest a lot of money into a home, it is so important that you choose to work with a company that listens to your ideas and strives for excellence. That is what we have experienced with Klondike.
This exceptional care in service started right at the beginning when we were designing our floor plan. We had some very specific ideas that were a bit of a challenge, but Paul (President) and his team worked with us every step of the way to bring our vision to life. The end result was a beautiful floor plan and exterior design that we are extremely pleased with!
Klondike's diligence didn't end there. After we moved in, the after care was amazing! Under the supervision of Pete, every concern was handled with care.
Klondike Homes is a quality builder that care about their clients and take pride in their homes. If you are looking to build a custom home, we highly recommend checking out Klondike Homes!"

Kenny & Lori Chen

"Hello Paul,
Thank you so much for your wonderful support and professionalism that I will always cherish. Your team is extremely talented and every member that I met doesn't only have experience but an immaculate warm heart. While many people love to live in other places like Oakville etc. it's the warmth of your team that brought us here and we continue to share this feeling with other friends.
We "are" now flag carriers of "Klondike" and hopefully will be able to spread this name even further.
I hope we can continue this relationship."

Best Regards,
Haroon Awan

"I would like to sincerely thank 'Klondike Homes' for building me one of their signature homes—a home that was beyond my vision and expectations. I am now proud to be among the prestigious group of existing 'Klondike Home' owners. I am also pleased to be able to share my experience with other future 'Klondike Home' owners.
My experience started when I was driving in the Deer Ridge Estates Community, contemplating a career move to the Kitchener area from Guelph. A friend of mine had bought a 'Klondike Home' in this exclusive area—my friend's home was often spoken about, but I had yet to see it. Within minutes of driving into the area in search of my friend's home, I delightfully came across a Klondike model home which was hosting an Open House, so I decided to go in. As I entered, I was greeted warmly by a Klondike Sales Representative, Ruth Sinyard.
As a perfectionist and an avid real estate investor, it is hard to impress me when it comes to homes. My expectations in a home are high. Value, quality and real estate (or customer) service are things I expect and examine with serious scrutiny. So, when I say I was literally in awe as I toured my first 'Klondike Home', you may better appreciate what I envisioned through my eyes that day!
It is also important for me to know who builds a home—from that, I can usually understand more about what I am purchasing. I had the opportunity to meet the President of 'Klondike Homes', Paul Florica. In fact, Paul generally likes to meet most of his customers face to face—almost like when a chef of a fancy restaurant comes out to see his customer's enjoyment of his masterpieces. Similarly, Paul is truly passionate about building unique and talked-about homes for his customers. He sincerely values and appreciates their happiness. After meeting this pleasant man, you will probably use the same words most of us who know him use when describing his demeanor—honest, kind and humble. After meeting Paul, I had no hesitation moving forward on my purchase.
I was very happy with the process of negotiating the purchase agreement. It was smooth and honest.
My walk-through before move in day was also a wonderful experience. I met with Paul who took time to educate me about the home and all its advanced features. He inspected everything, and being the perfectionist he is, made sure that even the slightest imperfections were dealt with before I moved in.
Move in day was a day I won't forget. The house was immaculate and majestic-like when I walked through the door of my new house for the first time. There was also a thoughtful welcome surprise from Paul for me as well—personal touches like this throughout the process set a warm emotional tone for my experience.
Even though 'Klondike Homes' is synonymous with quality and there are many experts involved in building a 'Klondike Home', occasionally problems may arise in the first year of any new home. In my experience, Paul's team stands by their work, and will promptly deal with any issue of concern to your satisfaction. Jonathan Balt is a new addition to Paul's team, and seems to specialize in keeping 'Klondike Home' customer's continuing to smile throughout the first year of their purchase.
If you are one that worries about value, I know that my Klondike home is already a returnable investment. If you are one that worries about quality, I can tell you that every sub-contractor that has come to my house for add-ons, has commented in some way on the quality of the materials and/or build of the home. And finally, if you are someone who wants to avoid the stress of the biggest purchase of your life, sought out a company like 'Klondike Homes' that will make the process to getting your home built as smooth as can be, and more so, making you feel confident that they are still by your side after you move into your home."

Sujay V. Patel, BSc (Hons), MD, FRCP(C)
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Medical Director

"Dear Paul,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Klondike Team for the incredible home you have provided my family. Tim and I like to think we are particular people with expectations of high calibre. Klondike provided our dream home and surpassed our expectations. It's reassuring to know that you pride yourself in detail and striving to meet the customers' wishes. You truly are a custom home builder as each home is unique.
You spent many hours with us ensuring that every detail was met to our satisfaction. Your honesty, sincerity and hard work definitely shows that you are dedicated. From your trades, to material selections, you oversee it all to ensure perfection is met. We greatly appreciated this.
Having built a house previously, we went in with many concerns about products, process and cost. All of our questions you answered and the experience was wonderful! The custom part of your homes really allowed us to be involved in achieving the home that fits our lifestyle the best.
Your after service care is absolutely incredible. Jon is exceptional and has extraordinary services.
Thank you again for bringing our home to life and for allowing us to be able to watch our dreams come true. I look forward to keeping in touch and seeing you around in the neighbourhood."

With much thanks and appreciation,
Hayley & Tim Sellner

"Hi Paul,
Yaru and I would like to take this opportunity to give you and your team big thanks for all hard work you have done for building our dream home. We truly love our Klondike home. It has been a great experience and deep involvement from the beginning to the end. Everything just as we planned and finished professionally. The timeline for the house was always right on schedule and delivered on time as promised. Any small issues we had were well taken care of and got properly resolved. So we are fairly satisfied with Klondike's workmanship and high standard practice, we are very happy with decision we made at very beginning to choose Klondike to build our dream home.
I think that the best part of building custom home with Klondike was dealing with you as a knowledgeable and responsible builder. You really care about the customers and the quality of their dream home, which is reflected in your positive attitude and professionalism. We really can't say enough good things about you and Ruth as well as Klondike team after experiencing of building a dream home together."

Thanks a lot for everything you do,
Yaru and Shane

"The Top Notch Builder!
The process of building a house from a great distance may seem overwhelming, or in some cases, impossible, but not with the Klondike team. We could not have been happier about our choice. They were on time with everything and had superb attention to detail in all stages of building and finishing. The whole experience was very positive from the start to the end. We highly recommend Klondike.
Thank you Klondike Team!"

John, Sophia, and family